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2012 Iowa State Gravel Championships
Posted Sept. 9th, 2012
RICHMOND, IA - Chad Bishop, Paul Deninger, and Jason Rettler concluded the 2012 Road Race season with a rewarding experience at the State Gravel Championships. Chad Bishop set a brisk first lap tempo to establish a selection that included all three members of the American Equity Squad. Chad Bishop was the overall winner of the event, earning a Cat 1,2 Gold Medal while Jason Rettler won the Category 4 division.

Chad Bishop, Paul Deninger, & Jason Rettler in the lead group.

2012 Iowa State Road Race Championships
Posted Aug 14th, 2012
RIVERSIDE, IA - Paul Deninger and Chad Bishop represented the American Equity Cat 1,2 Elite Squad at this year's edition of the Iowa State Road Race Championships. The pair worked together to manage the field, eventually landing Bishop in a 2-man break with Jeff Barnes. While Deninger defended the move, Bishop and Barnes held off the motivated peleton for over 40 miles. Unfortunately, the break was caught with only around 7 miles to go of this 97 mile event. Deninger sprinted for 8th place while Bishop ended up in the 10th position.

Several other Velosport Club members had noteworthy results including Silver medals for Michael Thomsen(Men's 40+) and Kevin Quijas(Cat 5). Nicole Fiala earned a Gold medal in the Women's Cat 4 event.


Bishop(above) and Deninger(right) representing American Equity in the State Time Trial.

American Equity Earns State Time Trial Medals
Posted August 9th, 2012
NICHOLS, IA- Chad Bishop and Paul Deninger participated in the 2012 Iowa State Time Trial Championships. The pair faced a tough returning headwind during the 40k out-and-back course.

Despite having ambitions to win the event overall, and securing a State Championship jersey, Bishop and Deninger settled for 2nd and 3rd in the Cat 1,2 Division. Deninger earned a Cat 1 Silver with a time of 52:54, and Bishop earned a Cat 2 Gold with a time of 53:59. - Full Results -

Quad Cities Road Race Results
Posted July 15, 2012
QUAD CITIES, IA - The American Equity Racing team is happy to have successfuly presented the 2012 Quad Cities Road Race. The race went off without a hitch, as participants were treated to a top-notch event in which no detail was spared. Results are online. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success.
Quad Cities Road Race

Paul Deninger preparing to start the Time Trial stage of the 2012 Tour of Galena.

Tour of Galena Stage Race
Posted June 14th, 2012
GALENA, IL- Chad Bishop and Matt Zimmer participated in all four events of the 2012 Tour of Galena. The event began Friday afternoon with a grueling Pro/1/2 circuit race that featured steep hills and technical descents. The pair began accumulating points toward the overall omnium rankings.

Saturday featured a hilly 6 mile Time Trial and 89 mile Road Race. The event concluded on Sunday in downtown Galena with a criterium event. Matt Zimmer ended up 10th overall, while Chad Bishop finished the omnium in the 13th position.

Paul Deninger earned the leader's jersey competing in the Master's division. He ultimately had to relinquish his overall lead, but still earned a second place finish in the omnium classification.

Pro/1/2 Omnium RESULTS

Matt Zimmer finishes the Tour of Galena by competing in the Sunday Criterium.

2,3,4... American Equity Just Misses
Posted June 11th, 2012
GRINNELL, IA - The American Equity squad enjoyed a very successful race at the 2012 Grinnell Twilight Criterium. The event culminated in a field sprint in which American Equity secured the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, losing out to David Carpenter of Rasmussen's Bike Shop. Jeff Bradley, Josh Wandrey, and Lucas Guyton finished in the top spots, assisted by JJ Bailey who helped police breakaways during the build up to the final laps.

The spectators in downtown Grinnell were treated to a stunning finish.

Memorial Day Weekend - Melon City Crit
Posted May 31st,, 2012
MUSCATINE, IA - The American Equity Racing team participated in the 34th Annual Melon City Criterium on May 27th. Team members were sprinkled throughout the events including Kevin Severs, Lucas Guyton, and Matt Zimmer who entered the Pro, 1, 2 event.

The Pro/1/2 event included a huge field of over 140 participants.

Chad Bishop(30+) and Paul Deninger(40+) entered the Master's events. Paul Deninger raced tactfully to make the winning break during the 40+ event. Deninger was awarded yet another podium finish to add to his consistent 2012 results list.

Deninger was nipped at the line by Daniel Casper, resulting in a third place finish.

Deninger enjoying the view from atop the podium during the Memorial Day Weekend of bike racing.

American Equity has a couple of women on the squad, including Nicole Fiala who got 2nd place in the Women's Cat 4 event.
2012 Melon City Criterium Results

Memorial Day Weekend - Burlington Races
Posted May 27th, 2012
BURLINGTON, IA - Jeff Bradley, JJ Bailey, Paul Deninger, Chad Bishop, Lou Waugaman, Matt Zimmer, and Luke Guyton represented the American Equity Racing team at the 2012 Pro 1,2 Burlington Road Race. Paul Deninger made the winning break early in the event. The field was stacked with top-tier riders from all over the United States, which made for some challenging moments throughout the event.

Chad Bishop represented the team in small chase group that formed later in the event. Another small group containing teammate Matt Zimmer joined Bishop's group with about 3 miles to go. In the end, Deninger represented the team well with a top ten finish, and Zimmer rounded out the award positions with a 25th placing. Everyone played their roles, and enjoyed a successful outing participating in the first day of a fierce Memorial Day Race Weekend. 2012 Burlington RR Results.

SNAKE ALLEY - Several team members participated in the infamous Snake Alley Criterium. Chad Bishop and Paul Deninger entered Master's events in which Deninger made the podium. Josh Wandrey and Louis DeWild enjoyed success in the Category three event finishing third and fifth respectively. Matt Zimmer stepped up against the pro/1's as a newly minted Category 2, and gained valuable experience and a respectable placing.

The first three laps of the Category 3 event that included Josh Wandrey and Louis DeWild.

Breeder's Hill Criterium
Posted May 17th, 2012
DES MOINES, IA - Chad Bishop, Josh Wandrey, Kevin Severs, and Louis DeWild competed in the 2012 Breeder's Hill Criterium presented by Zealous Racing. This event was located on the Iowa State Fairgrounds and featured a very steep hill each lap. Thirty five category 1,2,3 racer's from Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Minnesota lined up to race 60 minutes for 10 places. Josh Wandrey extended his impressive road racing debut season with a 4th place finish. Kevin Severs made the money list as well, finishing in the 9th spot. - RESULTS -

DeWild and Wandrey Podium in Des Moines
Posted May 12th, 2012
DES MOINES, IA- Louis DeWild finished second and Josh Wandrey finished third at the Waterworks Park Criterium in Des Moines. The event was hosted by Zealous Racing and featured a stacked field of Category 1,2,3 riders.

Kevin Severs rode in a 2 man break for several laps letting his teamates sit in and cool their jets. He was ultimately caught with only 1 lap to go, setting up a "near" perfect finish.

Matt Zimmer Wins at Old Capitol Criterium
Posted May 9th, 2012
IOWA CITY, IA - Matt Zimmer officially claimed his USAC cycling upgrade after winning the Category 3 Old Cap Criterium on Sunday. Teammate Josh Wandrey made the podium as well, finishing third. Louis DeWild and Josh Wandrey are also scheduled to upgrade to the Cat 1,2 squad. These new editions will make a strong team just that much stronger; insuring solid representation at team calendar events.

Josh Wandrey(left) and Matt Zimmer(right) during the final sprint.

Paul Deninger enjoyed a podium finish at the Master's event awards ceremony.

Team Success at the Iowa City Road Race
Posted May 9th, 2012
IOWA CITY, IA - Lou Waugaman finished off a well-played team effort on Saturday at the 2012 Pro/1/2 Iowa City Road Race. The team raced tactfully to set-up an American Equity lead-out that set Lou up for the sprint. Paul Deninger and Lou Waugaman also posted outstanding times in the Time Trial, finishing third and fourth respectively.

Lou Waugaman sprinted to an impressive third place finish.

Josh Wandrey won the Cat 3 event, proving that he has great form, a solid finish, and plenty of racing skill.

Awaiting the start of the Cat 1,2,3 Squaw Creek Criterium.

Squaw Creek Criterium
Posted May 6th, 2012
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA- The American Equity team showed up in full force for the 2012 Cat 1,2,3 Squaw Creek Criterium near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There were 10 VeloSport Iowa club members in the event. Louis DeWild got in the winning three-man break and finished 2nd overall. Josh Wandrey rounded out the top 5 for the team.

Earlier that day, Paul Deninger won the Master's race, and Nicole Fiala and Deb Wood won the Women's Cat 4 event.


Hawkeye Criterium
Posted April, 27th, 2012
IOWA CITY, IA - Lou Waugaman, Kevin Severs, and Joshua Wandrey competed in the Hawkeye Horseshoe Criterium on Sunday, April 22nd. The trio lined up against 17 other Cat 1,2,3's and enjoyed a successful team effort that included Lou Waugaman's second place finish.

Paul Deninger preparing to start the Time Trial stage of the 2012 Tour of Hermann.

Tour of Hermann
Posted April 23rd, 2012
HERMANN, MO- Chad Bishop and Paul Deninger participated in the 2012 edition of the Tour Of Hermann. The tour was a 3-event stage race that included a 14 mile TT, grueling Criterium, and a very hilly 90 mile Road Race.

Both Deninger and Bishop posted respectable times in the opening stage highlighted by an 11th place finish by Deninger.

Unfortunately, Bishop got caught up behind a crash during the criterium. His injuries were minor, but he was unable to finish the stage.

The road race gave the pair a chance to test their legs on some of the most hilly roads in the country; not to mention some of the most talented riders in the midwest. Deninger got into a break late in the stage, but ultimately settled for a very hard-fought 15th place finish.

Chad Bishop(#6) can be seen in this picture heading up one of the
many climbs during the road race.

American Equity Fields a Squad for Hillsboro
Posted April, 20th, 2012
Paul Deninger, Lou Waugaman, and Chad Bishop participated in the 2012 edition of the legendary Hillsboro Roubaix Spring Classic. Touted for its similarities to the infamous "Paris Roubaix", this year's edition didn't dissapoint. The race was rainy, windy, and infused with lots of crashes and flat tires. Paul Deninger was a major factor in the event, nearly holding off the field the in the last miles of the race.

Chad Bishop climbing up to the Kent Park Start/Finish area during the Cat 1,2 race.

March Race Updates
Posted March 26th, 2012
LINCOLN, NE - Big Congrats to American Equity Eilte Teammate Kevin Severs for single-handedly taking WINS this weekend on both Saturday's Road Race and Sunday's Criterium in the Collegiate Division at Tour de Husker in Nebraska against stacked fields. These two impressive wins, coupled with wins at several indoor rollers races earlier this spring indicate that Kevin is poised to deliver 'something special' this season.

TIFFIN, IA - Several members of the American Equity racing team competed in the Kent Park Spring Classic on Sunday, March 25th. Paul Deninger and Chad Bishop represented the Elite Squad, finishing in the middle of the field sprint (RESULTS).

American Equity Team Training in Moline
Posted March 22nd, 2012
Several riders on the 2012 American Equity Racing Team take advantage of the weekly training ride that occurs every Wednesday in Moline, Illinois. Velosport Iowa is comprised mainly of members from the Quad Cities area, so a large number of club and racing team members frequent this ride. Pictured below are Jeff Bradley, Vince DeJong, Lucas Guyton, and Chad Bishop.

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